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Once you own a pet there will be times when a holiday looms and you wonder what to do with your pet; we offer all the advice you'll need to take your pet anywhere. SCAM ALERT: please note we do NOT provide any travel services for pets. If anyone asks you for money using this website's name, do not pay it as it is a scam.
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Latest Comments
  • Catmac
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    Omg they seemed so genuine apart from the price. Sent a video of the Puppies and even sent photos of their passports. I was so tempted until I…
    12 October 2020
  • Nev
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    African Grey offered on Facebook just moved to Scotland KW12 6XF and Landlord doesn't want pets needs to be rehomed ASAP.. Arranged courier…
    11 October 2020
  • amber
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    Same guy as above but with a changed name ... thanks for writing back and rightly answering my questions. I have reattached the pic's, hope…
    8 October 2020
  • Mags
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    WATCH OUT! Just came across advert form Colin Frederic . Nearly fell for it . Same story as other people received - thanks for writing back and…
    26 September 2020
  • Colin frederick and
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    Just nearly got scammed by these two! So glad I looked on google and this page came up. They were advertising miniature schnazeur 15 weeks…
    24 September 2020
  • Lolls
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    “Colin Frederick” is at it again this time advertising on Pets4Homes - Miniature Schnauzer £600. The ad used a bogus name of “Alison” selling…
    24 September 2020
  • gingercat
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    colin Frederick and josefina Franklin advertised a puppy in Kent suddenly in Dublin was his sisters but she has become ill and unable to look…
    11 September 2020
  • Squincy
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    I am SOOOO GLAD i googled SIMON ALEXANDER DOWLING AND MICHELLE MARIA DOWLING. Thank you guys for the warning!
    9 September 2020
  • Mouse
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    Watch for a Colin Frederick in London selling a bogus toy poodle suddenly the animal is in Dublin!
    8 September 2020
  • Santalou
    Re: Pet Courier Scams
    Simon Alexander & Michelle Maria Dowling attempted to scam me with red setter puppies, Twohig Frederick also tried with an older sprinter…
    29 August 2020
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